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Highest precision
for 3 to 5 axes machine tools

In no time
to the fingerprint of your machine

Linear Axes




Pitch / Yaw / Roll

Rotary Axes

Angular Positioning


Axial / Radial Runout


X-AX LASERBAR replaces:


Straight edge

Electronic level


Reference Encoder

Reference Cylinder


Small and medium-sized machine tools
Perfect geometries for perfect parts
  • Geometric analysis and compensation of 2–5 axis machines
  • Compensation values for the linear and rotation axes
  • Semiautomatic measurement
  • Increase of geometry accuracy by 70% on average
Etalon AG
Large machine tools
Highest precision even in case of large working volumes
  • Compensation of all geometry deviations in the entire working volume
  • Unique measurement principle realizes unrivaled accuracy
  • Compensation values for the linear and rotation axes
  • Minimum time effort compared to conventional measurement devices
Application Product
Etalon AG
Coordinate measurement machines
Detection and compensation of all geometric deviations
  • Unrivaled accuracy for testing and calibration
  • Semiautomatic measurement
  • For CMM producers, users with many CMMs and service providers
  • Applicable for CMMs with midsize and large measurement volumes
Application Product
Etalon AG
Etalon offers system solutions for the accurate and full geometric analysis, monitoring and accuracy improvement of machine tools, measuring machines robots and structures. Innovative technologies make Etalon products efficient and easy to use. Etalon customers are companies from mechanical engineering, industrial instrumentation, automotive and aerospace industry and the research sector.
  • LaserTRACER-NG
    The LaserTRACER was developed for the calibration of high accuracy measuring machines and machine tools. It is a self tracking laser interferometer with a resolution of 1 nanometer. The laserbeam tracks automatically a reflector and determines the distances with highest accuracy in all directions.
    The X-AX LASERBAR is the solution to calibrate small and medium-sized 3- to 5-axis machine tools completely with minimal measuring equipment effort. New developments, combined with proven methods from the LASERTRACER, make the X-AX LASERBAR compact, lightweight and affordable.
  • LineCAL®
    The interferometer based measurement system LineCal® is addressed to manufacturers of compact multi-sensor measurement systems, coordinate measurement machines and machine tools who want to calibrate their machines fast and very precisely prior to delivery.
  • Absolute Multiline Technology
    Absolute Multiline Technology
    The Absolute Multiline Technology is a pioneering solution to the precision measurement of lengths up to 30 m with a measurement uncertainty of 0.5 µm per meter. A single system can drive up to 124 measurement channels, depending on the system configuration. Simultaneously!
  • X-AX LASERBAR – innovation at EMO!
    X-AX LASERBAR – innovation at EMO!

    At the EMO we present the X-AX LASERBAR to the public for the first time! With the X-AX LASERBAR, the complete determination of geometric deviations is now also interesting for those who have previously avoided costly measurement technology.

  • New product launch at EMO 2019
    New product launch at EMO 2019

    From September 16th to 21st we will present ourselves as part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence in hall 6, booth B60. Together with Hexagon’s business unit Machine Tool Measurement, we will present our well-known product families LaserTRACER, LineCal and

  • New headquarters for Etalon GmbH
    New headquarters for Etalon GmbH

    Since 1 July 2019 Etalon has moved to its new headquarters. The new building offers offices, training facilities, a spacious production hall an air-conditioned state-of-the-art measuring area. Designed specifically to meet the needs of our business, it will allow Etalon to continue

  • Etalon becomes part of Hexagon MI
    Etalon becomes part of Hexagon MI

    As of January 1st 2019 Etalon will operate within Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. “By joining Hexagon, Etalon gains the scale to strengthen and expand its position in equipment calibration. Moreover, the acquisition is a natural extension of Hexagon’s data-driven smart factory 

  • Etalon technology on BorWin gamma
    Etalon technology on BorWin gamma

    BorWin gamma is an offshore converter platform of the transmission grid operator TenneT, which will serve as a converter station for high-voltage direct current transmission. The BorWin3 grid connection, to which the BorWin gamma platform belongs, will be able to transmit

  • Etalon metrology system for CCAT-prime
    Etalon metrology system for CCAT-prime

    CCAT-prime will be a 6-meter diameter telescope designed to operate at sub-millimeter to millimeter wavelengths, located at an exceptional site at 5600 meters on Cerro Chajnantor in Chile.  Etalon is proud to announce that we have been contracted to build a unique metrology system,

  • LineCAL® for small high precision machines
    LineCAL® for small high precision machines

    With LineCal®, Etalon has extended its innovative interferometric approach to a new class of machines: Three-axes-machines that are too small for the LaserTRACER, like optical CMM, small machine tools, wire-EDM machines or even precision 3D printers. But the technology is also attractive for larger machines. Producing a precision machine in serial production allows you to […]

  • Engineering competence
    Engineering competence

    Monitoring an offshore rig? Controlling a telescope? Measuring a 6 x 6 m reflector array with micron accuracy? Aligning components in a vacuum environment? Setting up a machine tool monitoring system for an automotive tool and die manufacturer? Some of our projects require customer-specific engineering around our unique hard- and software solutions. Our engineering team […]

  • Why ISO 230-6 tells you more on your machine
    Why ISO 230-6 tells you more on your machine

    For decades, machine tool customers tested their machine geometry according to VDA 3441 or ISO 230-2. This established a practice of the manufacturers to calibrate the machines precisely along the lines where the acceptance testing is performed, which does not give the customer sufficient information on spatial and part accuracy. Therefore ISO 230-6 is recommending […]

  • LaserTRACER: Applications extending
    LaserTRACER: Applications extending

    The LaserTRACER has become a standard tool in the machine tool and CMM world. CMM and MT manufacturers experience the advantage and update their worldwide factories with Etalon technology. Service organizations are increasingly using it and allowing their customers to profit from reduced downtime, increased accuracy and reduced life cycle costs of their machines. Furthermore, […]

  • Certification of the LaserTRACER by Boeing
    Certification of the LaserTRACER by Boeing

    The Etalon LaserTRACER has been certified and approved for use by the Boeing Metrology And Test Equipment Services (MATES) group. The LaserTRACER can now be used to certify machine tools and CMM’s throughout Boeing’s facilities worldwide.

  • Integration in Siemens controls
    Integration in Siemens controls

    The geometric monitoring of large machine tools is now fully integrated into the user interface of Siemens controls. This allows the operator to perform a geometry check by a push of a button, generate monitoring reports

  • We look forward to new company headquarters!
    We look forward to new company headquarters!

    Taking into account the dynamic growth of Etalon, we will move into a bespoke new building in May 2019. In addition to significantly increased production, training and office space, we will also have an air-conditioned measuring laboratory. The Etalon team is looking forward to the new possibilities!

  • LineCAL “On-The-Fly”
    LineCAL “On-The-Fly”

    We have extended the fully automatic machine calibration with the innovative LineCAL Technology to include data acquisition “On-The-Fly”.

  • Release TRAC-CAL 4.0 and TRAC-CHECK 4.0
    Release TRAC-CAL 4.0 and TRAC-CHECK 4.0

    A redesigned user interface, new features and many improved details: customers with a maintenance contract will be automatically provided with new licenses of our latest software releases. 

  • Absolute Multiline for the Giant Magelan Telescope
    Absolute Multiline for the Giant Magelan Telescope

    The Giant Magelan Telescope is one of the most ambitious science projects in the world. In August, Etalon delivered an Absolute Multiline System to the Giant Magelan Telescope Organisation (GMTO). The system is planned to be used to monitor and pre-set the orientation

  • LineCAL®: Product launch at Control
    LineCAL®: Product launch at Control

    Etalon GmbH will launch its new interferometer based measurement system LineCal® during the Control show. The LineCal® system is addressed to manufacturers of compact multi-sensor measurement systems, coordinate measurement machines and machine tools who want to calibrate their machines fast and very precisely

  • LaserTRACER-NG for High-End Manufacturing
    LaserTRACER-NG for High-End Manufacturing

    The German High-End company Praewest located in Bremen is specialized in the 5-axes milling of complex parts. For a significantly improved machine accuracy the company invested in an Etalon LaserTRACER-NG. Volumetric deviations are measured

  • Review Etalon Forum
    Review Etalon Forum

    The 3rd Etalon Forum took place November 3rd and 4th with over 100 paricipants from 14 countries. The event covered accuracy, compensation and monitoring of CMM and machine tools as well as challenging metrology tasks in industry and research.

  • International Etalon Forum 3. – 4. November 2016
    International Etalon Forum 3. – 4. November 2016

    To celebrate our 12th anniversary, we are organizing a professional event focussing on “Controlling the micron in industry and research” in cooperation with our customers and partners. The event targets technical experts and decision makers from

  • Deformation measurement on large telescope in Chile
    Deformation measurement on large telescope in Chile

    Two astronomy telescopes with extreme dimensions are currently under development: The European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) and the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT). To monitor the relative mirror location under different operating conditions, Etalons Absolute Multiline

  • Control 26.–29.April in Stuttgart
    Control 26.–29.April in Stuttgart

    In neuem Design aber an gewohnter Stelle finden Sie unseren Messestand in diesem Jahr wieder in Halle 3, Stand 3215. Neben unseren Systemen zur Maschinenkalibrierung und Überwachung werden wir neue Anwendungen der Absolute Multiline Technologie vorstellen.

  • Etalon goes US!
    Etalon goes US!

    January 12th Etalon North America Inc. was established. Out of Seattle we are aiming to serve the North American Market better. With its strong Aerospace and HighTech Industry the market opens up strong opportunities for our products. The appointed General Manager Bruce Fiander

  • Etalon is PACMAN partner
    Etalon is PACMAN partner

    Together with renowned European research institutes and other manufacturers of innovative metrology Etalon is partner of the EU funded doctoral program PACMAN (Particle Accelerator Components Metrology and Alignment to the Nanometer scale). In this project young researchers

  • ISO TR 16907 “Numerical Compensation” published
    ISO TR 16907 “Numerical Compensation” published

    After many years of intensive work the international experts from  ISO TC 39 have published TR 16907 „Machine tools – numerical compensation of geometric errors“ . The document defines the terminology and outlines the benefits and limitations of numerical compensation, furhermore

  • LaserTRACER at AUDI
    LaserTRACER at AUDI

    At AUDIs headquarter in Ingolstadt the LaserTRACER is replacing the ballbar for the monitoring of coordinate measuring machines (CMM). Furthermore, compensation of CMM is carried out by own staff – with great success! Read the application story in the German magazine QZ .

  • New software release
    New software release

    We have released the next version of our software for calibration of 3-5 axes machines. The new release has a vast number of improvements regarding measurement planning, data acquisition, evaluation and reporting. Customer feedback has consequently been implemented 

  • Sales and Service in Spain
    Sales and Service in Spain

    With a consortium consisting of the renown technology center Tekniker and the established supplier for optical metrology Metronic, Etalon now has established a powerful partnership to serve Spanish industry.

  • Etalon cooperates with CERN
    Etalon cooperates with CERN

    Etalon is proud to be a member of an international consortium  that was formed to build the metrology for the next generation of linear collider CLIC. The technical goal of the program “PACMAN” is to develop high accuracy metrology and alignment tools and integrate them in a single automatic test stand.

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