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Testing and calibration of coordinate measuring machines

Detection and compensation of all geometric deviations

Coordinate measuring machines (CMM) of different sizes and designs form the backbone of quality assurance in a modern production. They secure compliance with increasingly tight tolerances for general mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and aerospace industry.

Measurement uncertainty must be 5 to 10 times smaller than the tolerances to be monitored. This is a requirement for qualified statements and a reliably and economically controlled production process. Therefore, the metrological monitoring and calibration of CMM is of particular importance.

The largest share of CMMs currently on the market is equipped with a volumetric compensation. The quality of this compensation together with the repeatability and thermal stability of the environment is mainly responsible for the accuracy of the measurement.

Especially for large coordinate measuring machines, the geometry may change due to foundation drifts, collisions or aging of machine components. This makes a regular monitoring and re-calibration necessary.

Together with the LaserTracer, Etalon provides an advanced software package that covers all requirements from standardized testing (according to ISO 10360) to full volumetric compensation.

Together with the patented software TRAC-CHECK the LaserTracer can efficiently replace a step gage or a ball bar for the monitoring of small and large coordinate measuring machines, offering the superior testing accuracy of a laser interferometer. Simple compensation values for scale factor and squareness can be derived directly from the measurement results.

For a complete volumetric measurement and compensation the software TRAC-CAL is used. This software can determine all geometry deviations including the elastic deviations of large horizontal-arm measuring machines with unmatched accuracy. Interfaces to the controls of CMM manufacturers and support of interface standards I++ round off the package.

Large German CMM manufacturers have already displaced conventional instrumentation by Etalon technology due to its accuracy and speed.

Also major German automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers have introduced Etalon technology successfully for the monitoring and compensation of CMM.

Vollständige Messung der Linearachsen an einem Koordinatenmessgerät / Complete measurement of linear CMM axes
Normgerechte Prüfung / Verifizierung eines Koordinatenmessgerätes nach ISO 10360-2 / Testing and verification of a CMM according to ISO 10360-2
  • Manufacturers of coordinate measuring machines who equip their production lines and service teams with Etalon technology and reduce the calibration time drastically.
  • High-end users from aerospace or automotive industry, using Etalon technology for continuous monitoring and calibration of their CMMs.
  • Service providers that offer their customers a fast, complete and highly accurate testing and compensation of CMMs, often in conjunction with retrofit jobs or under a maintenance contract with regular geometric calibration.
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