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Etalon metrology system for CCAT-prime

A unique in-situ metrology system

CCAT-prime will be a 6-meter diameter telescope designed to operate at sub-millimeter to millimeter wavelengths, located at an exceptional site at 5600 meters on Cerro Chajnantor in Chile.  Etalon is proud to announce that we have been contracted to build a unique metrology system, designed to monitor smallest geometrical deformations of the telescope during operation and to measure the form of the reflector arrays on site, automated with a measurement uncertainty of U(95%) < 5µm.  This will allow scientists to achieve an unprecedented image quality, especially in the sub-millimeter wavelength used for state-of-the-art radio astronomy observations.  For more information on the CCAT-prime Telescope and its associated science, please visit www.ccatobservatory.org


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