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Pioneering length metrology

The ABSOLUTE MULTILINE TECHNOLOGY is a pioneering solution to the precision measurement of lengths up to 20 m with a measurement uncertainty of 0.5 µm per meter, on up to 124 channels simultaneously. Unlike conventional interferometers, the laser beam of the ABSOLUTE MULTILINE TECHNOLOGY can be interrupted at any time without causing precision loss. In fractions of a second the absolute distance is recovered. Thanks to these worldwide unique system properties, the patented ABSOLUTE MULTILINE TECHNOLOGY takes metrology automation in production to a new level.

Up to 124 channels

A single ABSOLUTE MULTILINE system can drive up to 124 measurement channels, depending on the system configuration. The channels are extremely compact: Each sensor consists of a commercial robust fiber and a miniature optical element without any electronic components. It can momentarily measure motions and vibrations of an object with a resolution of over several MHz during one measurement interval. As the distance between the sensors and the system electronics can be several kilometers, it is possible to conduct measurements under extremely rough environmental conditions, far away from the evaluation electronics. The sensor signals are not affected by electromagnetically noisy environments; therefore the placing of sensors in e.g. energy chains is possible without degradation of performance.

Traceability and accuracy

The metrological traceability of the ABSOLUTE MULTILINE TECHNOLOGY is ensured by the reference to fundamental physical constants: In every measurement, the molecular absorption spectrum of a gas cell that stays constant over decades is scanned and the system is thus automatically recalibrated during every measurement. Comparison measurements using a conventional interferometer at the National Physical Laboratory in England confirmed a measurement uncertainty of 0.5 ppm (equivalent to 0.5 μm per meter) for distances between 0.02 m and 30 m.


The ABSOLUTE MULTILINE TECHNOLOGY is an good example how latest research builds the base for unprecedented possibilities for challenging applications. Read more


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“The Absolute Multiline Technology provides the foundation for machines and structures that are self-monitoring. Therefore, it can become a building block in the future concept of intelligent production."
Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Schwenke, CEO Etalon GmbH
Multiline - central metrological reference
Deformation Monitoring @ VLT
  • Absolute measurement of lengths up to 30 m with unrivaled precision
  • Monitoring of deformations in rough manufacturing environments
  • Reliable production processes thanks to continuous monitoring of production means
  • Up to 124 channels allow for setup of complex metrological networks
  • Continuous monitoring of large machining centers
  • Automatic detection of deformations and vibrations of (thermo-)mechanical systems such as generators, turbines or pressure containers
  • Geometrical control of rigs and fixtures
  • Automated metrology monitoring of robots based on reference lines
  • Global metrology system for monitoring the entire inline measuring technology of a production hall
  • Truss monitoring for telescope control: Download
Measurement uncertainty U(95%)=0.5 ppm
Measurement range up to 30 m
number of channels 4-124
Laser class II m, eye save
Traceability calibrated gas spectrum
Compensation Temperature, Pressure, Humidity
Etalon part of Hexagon