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Automated volumetric calibration

The use of LINECAL® simplifies the acquisition of geometrical deviations of compact multisensor measuring systems, CMMs and machine tools with highest accuracy. In combination with the software TRAC-CAL, machines of the highest accuracy can be calibrated within a short time. Positioning deviations, straightness deviations, yaw, roll and pitch as well as the squareness of the axes to each other are determined with sub-micron accuracy. Volumetric compensation data can be output directly in control-specific formats.


In contrast to the LASERTRACER, a large number of permanently installed measuring lines replace a motorized tracking and device conversion.
A device is used for arranging the measuring lines, which is specifically tailored to the type of machine to be tested. Therefore, LINECAL® particularly pays off when the same type of machine has to be calibrated repeatedly.

The alignment of the measuring positions is supported by intelligent software. Within the scope of the measurement, the machine automatically runs the installed measuring lines sequentially and detects the deviations of the machine through a multi-channel interferometer.


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LineCAL on machine tool
LineCAL Control 2017
  • Automated determination of all 21 deviation parameters
  • Fast: Full recording in 40 minutes
  • Accurate: All deviation parameters based on the laser wavelength
  • Suitable also for small and very small 3-axis machines
  • Low and mainly symmetrical loading of the machine table
Measurements: Interferometer LI-3 24 x 25 x 10 cm³, 2 kg
Measurements: Switch S-24 24 x 25 x 10 cm³, 2 kg
Number of channels 24
Laser class 1 (eye-safe)
Distance range 0,01 m - 3 m
Maximum axis speed 2 m/s
Temperature range 15°C – 35°C
Pressure range 800 – 1150 hPa
Humidity range 1 - 99 %
Resolution 0,001 μm
Measurement uncertainty U(k=2)=0,05 μm+0,3 μm/m
Re-calibration interval for environmental sensors max. 2 years
Re-calibration interval for laser source 6 years
Voltage and power 220/100 V, < 20 W
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