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X-AX LASERBAR – innovation at EMO!

At the EMO we present the X-AX LASERBAR to the public for the first time! With the X-AX LASERBAR, the complete determination of geometric deviations is now also interesting for those who have previously avoided costly measurement technology.

This measurement solution consists essentially of a laser interferometer and a telescope tracking system. Without fine alignment and in-depth knowledge, the geometric deviations of machine axes up to 1.5 m can be determined in conjunction with our software. For linear axes, these are the position deviation, straightness in both directions, pitch, yaw and roll („6 DOF“), as well as the angularity of the axes to each other. Optionally, rotary axes can also be checked for their geometrical deviations using the same hardware. These are the angular position deviation, the axial and radial runout and the wobble („6 DOF“), as well as the direction of the axis in the machine. As with the LASERTRACER, it is possible to output compensation data in the same way.

New techniques and patented developments make the X-AX LASERBAR very compact and light. Due to the special Etalon calibration method, no fine alignment before measurement is required. The bearing in precision spheres and the exclusive use of interferometric measurements allow an accuracy of 0.001 mm.

We look forward to providing you with further information at EMO. Visit us in hall 6, booth B60, under the roof of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.
If you do not have the possibility to come to EMO in Hannover, you can of course also contact us directly.


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