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Small and medium-sized machine tools

Geometric analysis and compensation

A main field of application of the Etalon technology is the geometric analysis and compensation of 2-5 axis machines of small and medium size. Particularly where the highest accuracy requirements apply, e.g. in the automotive industry, aerospace or medical manufacturing, our technology is being used successfully.
The machining of workpieces with 4 or 5 axes places very high demands on the geometry of the machine: The slightest deviations in the linear and rotary axes are made visible on the workpiece through the complex machining programs. In case of complex tasks, such as the impeller manufacturing or the production of highly loaded transmission components with high dimensional accuracy and surface quality, only a machine with nearly perfect geometries can be deployed.

The technology used to acquire geometric deviations has to meet the following requirements:

  • High accuracy: Only measurement technology that makes the single micrometer visible may come useful in today’s manufacturing.
  • Complete information: In addition to the positioning error of each axis, as it is provided by a conventional laser interferometer, the other geometric parameters such as straightness, pitch, yaw, roll and position of the individual axes must be mutually detectable.
  • Measuring time: machine time is precious, therefore the measurement method should take minimal time and be automated as much as possible.
  • Easy implementation: The measurement must be conducted in the manufacturing environment by experienced technicians to be feasible, and should not require rare specialists with 10 years of professional experience.
  • The data obtained must be submitted with the simplest possible interfaces, also offering compensation to the controllers.

The Etalon technology with its innovative measuring principle, its high-precision data acquisition and its sophisticated and comfortable software can meet these requirements. It enables the accurate detection of all geometry variations in a short time and offers certified interfaces to the far-reaching compensation possibilities for advanced controls like Siemens, Heidenhain, Fanuc, Fidia, Mazatronik and others.

Vollständige Messung von Linearachsen einer Werkzeugmaschine / Complete measurement of linear axes of a machine tool
Normgerechte Prüfung / Verifizierung einer Werkzeugmaschine nach ISO 230-2/6 / Testing and verification of a machine tool according to ISO 230-2/6
Vollständige Messung einer Kopfachse an einer Werkzeugmaschine / Complete measurement of rotary head axis of a machine tool
Vollständige Messung einer Tischachse an einer Werkzeugmaschine / Complete measurement of table axis of a machine tool
Normgerechte Prüfung / Verifizierung einer Werkzeugmaschine in Anlehnung an ISO 230-4 / Testing and verification of a machine tool based on ISO 230-4
  • Manufacturers of machine tools that equip their development departments, quality assurance and service team with our technology.
  • High-end users such as from the aerospace industry that use the technology for continuous monitoring and optimization of their machinery.
  • Service providers that offer their customers the fast, complete and highly accurate analysis and compensation of machine tools, frequently in conjunction with retrofit orders or under a maintenance contract with regular geometric calibration.

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