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Etalon technology on BorWin gamma

Monitoring the deformation of an offshore platform

BorWin gamma is an offshore converter platform of the transmission grid operator TenneT, which will serve as a converter station for high-voltage direct current transmission. The BorWin3 grid connection, to which the BorWin gamma platform belongs, will be able to transmit 900 megawatts of energy from sea to land over 160 kilometers. The platform was set up in Dubai and transported by ship to its place of operation in the North Sea.For its customer Siemens AG, Etalon installed a complex system based on “Absolute Multiline Technology” on the platform, which monitors deformations of the platform during loading, the entire sea transport and settling in the North Sea with the highest accuracy. This ensured that deformations that could damage the sensitive electrical installations on the platform were not left undetected.


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